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24-Hour Emergency Generator Service



24-Hour Emergency Generator Service

“Generators are our only business”



  • Having problems with your older generator?
  • Do you feel that it’s not reliable?
  • Does not always start or continuously run smoothly during a power failure?

We can help, no need to replace the entire generator, we can upgrade the generator controller to ensure reliability and keep you out of the dark.
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All of Rhode Island,
Southeastern Massachusetts,
Surrounding areas

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2nd Generation Family Business

Established 1979

A. Charpentier Power Systems

Founded by Andre Charpentier in 1979, we are now a second generation, family-owned and run business, with daughter Anne and son-in-law Peter taking over the reigns in 2005. Peter has worked in the family business since 1983.

Old-fashioned business principles are still at the forefront today – quality equipment, quality workmanship, at a fair price. We are proud to say that our business and customer base has been increasing significantly every year and the majority of our advertising is by “word of mouth”.

What do we do?

Generators are our only business! We sell and service emergency generators, they are no longer a luxury, these days with all the power outages, storms and hurricanes in the Northeast, they are a necessity. Our customers include both residential and commercial businesses. We sell Kohler and Winco generators and service all brands from a 5Kw to 500Kw.

Customer Testimonials

Michael Saba

We were very pleased with the service we received from A. Charpentier Power Systems. Peter and Anne were very responsive and professional, and delivered on all that was promised.

Our Kohler Generator was priced quickly, arrived and installed quickly, and is operating just as advertised. We strive to employ quality subcontractors and vendors, and I think we found a gem here. Thank you for job well done.

Michael Saba President MJ Development Inc February 3, 2016

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A. Charpentier
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You can mail us at:

30 Dunnell Lane, Unit 1

Pawtucket, RI 02860

Phone: 401-725-9910

Fax: 401-725-0910

24-Hour Emergency Service


A. Charpentier Power Systems

A. Charpentier Power Systems
30 E Dunnell Ln, Unit 1
Pawtucket, RI 02860